How to choose the best cat tree?①

If you want to choose a cat tree that is most suitable for your cat——maybe the reason that you click into the page—— please check the following details of your cat:
Do you have a kitten or a senior cat? It maybe suitable for your kitten to get a high and complicated cat tree, and a low simple one has large platform for your senior cat. Kittens maybe active and likes playing, and senior cat maybe docile.
Does your cat like scraching or toys? If yes, it is perfect for your cat to get a cat tree with large scratchers or toys. The more toys one cat tree has, the more fun your cat will have. In addition, please pay attention to the angle and area of the scratchers according to the size of your cat.
Do you have enough area to place the cat tree? If you have large place, that's great, a large cat tree is more stable and can be used for a longer time, especially you know that cats are growing very fast. If you have limited area, you can choose a small one which attached to the wall.

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