How to choose the best cat tree?②

2. Choose high quality cat tree
If you want to choose a cat tree that is most suitable for your cat——maybe the reason that you click into the page—— please check the following details:
To some extent, high quality cat tree means stable and durable.If you don't want to pay time to choose, you can just buy the cat tree with highest sales and the best reviews.
In many conditions, the more expensive the cat tree is, the higher quality it will be. You can order the most suitable price of the product as you can afford to make sure the quality.
Ease of assembly is also an important indicator to evaluate quality. If you are not confident of installing, you can choose the simple foldaway cat trees or cat trees with few parts.
If your cat is active and likes climbing and jumping on the cat tree, you can buy a cat tree which have a large base and attached to the wall, or just order a wooden cat tree.

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