What is cat tree?

Do you have a cat? Perhaps, you have seen some pictures when browsing on the website, which are similar to have a castle, with rooms, poles, platforms, and a circle of ropes around the poles.That maybe a cat tree.
What you may not have thought of, the cat tree is invented to treat the serious cat depression. But now, cat tree is more likely to be a fashionable pet product, which can give cats a space to play.
It can solve the cat's natural habit of climbing, and also can avoid the cat's mess at home because of climbing up and down. We know that cats like grinding their claws,because the cat tree has scraching posts, it is a good place for cats to do that.
Cat trees have lots of sizes and shapes. They may have different heights, colours, sizes, levels and materials. If you want a cat tree, you have various of choices to match your home and your cat.


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