Potential side effects and risks of sleeping with pets

Do you love sleeping with your dog?


As we know, sleeping with dogs have many benefits. Such as, having your dog beside you will add a source of protection. Dogs may help combat depression.

They can help to relieve associated feelings of stress, loneliness and anxiety, as well as warmth and comfort.


However, sleeping with dogs may decrease sleep quality, especially when your dog snores and slobbers.


They may wet your bed, and their dander and hair can easily spread across your pillows, blankets and sheets.


If you are allergic to dog hair, sleeping with dogs may cause allergies or aggravate severe allergies or asthma.


There are more or less parasites on dogs, especially when they haven’t been taken care of by regularly deworming. If the dog goes to bed, the parasites may be carried or spread in the bed.


If you are confused by sleeping with your dog, just pick a pet bed for your dog. And let the bed beside your bed. Both of you and your furry friend will sleep comfortably.


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