Six Tips to make Your Dogs Happy

  1. Call its name, and study his body language so that you know how he's feeling. Your dog will feel how deep you love him/her.


  1. Touching its body. Itcan also help your dog reduce blood pressure, relieve certain pressure, and feel the love of 


  1. Take it out to playand play with your dog daily. Your dog will enjoy the fun to run and play in the nature.


  1. Buy the favorite food for them, but don’t overfeed.

Feed "smart" by giving your puppy a nutrient-dense meal that allows his/her body to make the best use of the calories eaten. 

  1. Take your dog to the Vet regularly. Ensure your puppy has regular checkups. This will afford your vet the opportunity to get a baseline on his
  2. Let your dog sleep well.

You could provide a clean and comfort bed for him/her, or let him/her sleep beside you. It will increase the love between you. So you could pick an elevated dog bed on which they can stay cool in hot days, while toasty in cold days.

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