How To Be Comfortable to Use Your Computer

Do you need to sit hours in front of your computer or laptop? Do you feel uncomfortable on your neck and back after a day work before your computer? Do you need extra space on your desk? Do you know what the proper position should be for your computer monitor?

The monitor should be placed directly in front of you, and the center of the screen should be at your eye level. If you have two monitors, they should be positioned next to each other and the edges should meet directly in front of you.

Monitor stands are believed to be useful with our computer or laptop, but some people just ignore the harm which may be caused without one.If the monitor isn’t in the right position, you could end up with neck and shoulder pain. A monitor in a low position makes you tilt your chin down, and a monitor in a high position makes you tilt your chin up. Both of the positions are not good for our health.

So just take a monitor stand riser. It will make a big difference in  getting your desk organized, and save extra space. In addition, a monitor stand riser will also help reduce neck strain because the screen will be at a more ergonomic viewing height. Who doesn’t want to be more comfortable at their desk for long hours?

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