How To Hang Wall Shelves on the Wall?

If you need more space in your house, you need the wall shelves to make full use of the places where it would not be possible to be used, like on the wall. Here are some tips to install the shelves on the wall. You will need a pencil, a stud finder, a ruler level, an electric drill, some anchors and screws.   

  1. Find the Studs in your Wall

Before you hang your shelf on the wall, please confirm whether your wall is a dry wall or a solid wall. Then check whether there are any wall studs. You could use a stud finder to locate them.

  1. Mark the place on which you want to hang the shelf

Hold the shelf where you want it to go, and mark the position with a pencil. A ruler level can also help to make sure everything is straight. 

  1. Fix the Brackets on the Boards

You could screw the metal brackets in the pre-drilled holes on the boards.

  1. Hang the shelves on the wall

Once you have screwed the brackets in, you could hang the shelves on the wall. If it is a dry wall, you need drywall anchors, then use an electric drill to fix the shelves on the wall. If it is a solid wall, you need the solid wall anchors. Then fix the brackets directly with the electric drill. A piece of artwork will be created.

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