Tips to Decorate your bookshelf in style

  1. If you have many books with colorful covers. You could try to arrangeyour books by color. It will catch your eyes, and won’t make it difficult to find the books you’re looking for.
  2. Mix up the books’ placement.

You could try to mix the books vertically and horizontally. For example, place books in the first shelf horizontally, then the 2nd shelf vertically, which will give you a refreshing feeling.

  1. Consider to place your books by size.

Try to place the books which have the same or similar size together. It is also a great idea to decorate your bookshelf and organize your books. Note that the heavy books should be placed on the bottom shelf, if you choose a 5-tier or 9-tier bookshelf.

  1. Think decorative objects like a ball, a mirror, or abowl 

Also, you can place artworks like a painting or photo frames on it.

  1. Ifyou like plants, you could also place some potted plants on your bookshelf, which will add a natural feeling.
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