What’s The Difference Between a Console Table and a Sofa Table?

What’s The Difference Between a Console Table and a Sofa Table?
When in the market for a living room table, various names can be confusing. Similarly sized, similar outlooks, many people may wonder what makes a console table and a sofa table different. In fact, the primary difference between the two is where each is placed in the room.
A console table is usually taller than other living room tables, usually in the range of approximately 30’’ -33’’ in height. Due to the size and dimensions, console tables are most commonly placed against a wall. They add styles and functions to walls in the living room, entryway, or hallway. You can display your family photos, collectibles or decorative items
When a console table is placed up against the back of a sofa, it is called a sofa table. For design layouts that include a freestanding sofa, it completes the look quite nicely to have a sofa table against the back of the sofa. In this configuration, top the sofa table with a lamp or two, along with decorations.
In other words, console and sofa tables resemble each other and the names can be used interchangeably but different when used in different places